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Natalie Lejeune is a French osteopath who has been specialising in women's health for over 20 years. She completed a masters thesis on the impact of caesareans on the pelvis and has executed extensive research on the consequences of hysterectomies and pelvic disorders, lumbago, sciatica and femoral nerve inflammation.

She has done advanced anatomical studies in human dissection at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and completed post-graduate work for 17 years in France  with Jean Pierre Barral, an internationally recognized French osteopath and a researcher in osteopathy for over 45 years.

Osteopathy has given Natalie Lejeune unique insights into the treatment not only of physical illnesses but also imbalances of the mind and the subconscious, leading to health issues.

Natalie currently lives in Bali and free-lances around Asia and Australia for teaching and consultations. Her workshops on Advanced Urogenital Osteopathy has participation from osteopaths, physiotherapists, midwives and doulas. She has been a member of the French Register of Osteopaths since 1999.




What makes the difference ?

Natalie Lejeune Osteopath

For as long as I can remember , I have always been attracted by the human body functioning and women’s health in particular .

When I was training in nursing ,  it had  struck me very often that not everyone was an equal ,in question of recovery , when facing the same kind of disease or injury .

What  was making the difference ? 

Why some could get over it and some not ,or even worsen their condition ?

When I found Osteopathy, it was a real enlightenment : at last I had answers to most of my ongoing questioning about health , balance and prevention . 

Very early on for personal reasons, I focused my research and studies on women's pelvic health. Among my patients, many women who were suffering from various pelvic disorders were desperate not to be understood, listened and relieved from their daily misery , and I really needed to understand what was underlying this .

And that’s how I started to focus on  Advanced Visceral Urogenital  Manipulation . Via treating thousands of women my message is: 

Incontinence is not a fatality 

Premenstrual syndromes are not a normal state  

Dyspareunia is not  "just in your head "

and so much more ... 


Natalie Lejeune